We provide a rich curriculum that combines learning and fun.


Half-Day Pre-k

Call now for our social, emotional and overall developmental program with our Pre-k class. 

Ages 2 and 3

The program for our smallest children begins with a flexible schedule to make sure there is plenty of time for helping little hands to be washed, noses to be wiped or help with pottying or diapering. They begin to learn how to share, have fun with friends, and take turns.  We use a small group approach to give each child an opportunity to work with manipulatives, building blocks, do artwork, or play pretend with cookware in the housekeeping center.  We have a variety of activities that are  implemented indoors and outdoors for playtime fun.  

Age 4

Our four-year-old program is filled with activities that foster independent learning and build a preschooler's confidence.  They are given circle jobs to help call roll, count the calendar numbers or describe the weather.  We recite nursery rhymes, act out fun stories, listen to stories and sequence the events, as well as work in art centers with paint, markers or scissors and paste.  Outdoors we build roads in the sand, build buildings with outside blocks or we might practice our handwriting skills, play with water toys, or swing high up to the sky on a swing.  

Each day we practice taking turns, listening and following directions, sharing, and being a good friend to others. By the end of the pre-k year, a rising Kindergartner may be reading or recognizing all the upper and lower case letters, numbers and letter sounds.  We work hard for our Kindergartners to have confidence and the ability to be successful.  They learn emotionally, cognitively, and socially. The even balance of encouraging growth in all of these areas gives our rising kidergartners lots of readiness and confidence.  

School Age

Our school age students have an action packed schedule here at the center.  After school we schedule lots of free ouside time and plenty of snacks.  Children with written homework are given a supervised and tutorial setting to make quick work of the tasks.  We encourage all written homework to be done here to allow free time at night with the family.

When the children are not in school, we encourage a balance of lots of physical activity such as group games like kickball, dodge ball or football.  In the summertime, they participate in our fitness program, which involves walking and jogging the track, swimming, bowling and field trips.  We also encourage our school aged children to read over the summer and participate in the Henrico County Summer Reading Program with emphasis on the Accelerated Reader library book lists in each school.


We have an immaculate outdoor pool that is utilized each day in the summer.  We follow the Learn to Swim program from the American Red Cross.  We work with the children enrolled here to begin at the water adjustment level and many children work in the higher levels of swimming to the pre-lifeguard swim skills of level six.  Many of the children at the center learn to be excellent swimmers and compete on swim teams in their neighborhood pools.  Ms. Paula is a volunteer Water Safety Instructor, with the Red Cross.  Ms. Paula has been a swim instructor for more than 25 years and taught countless children to swim.  

Swimming fun